Elected Officials from Stephenson and Winnebago Counties Endorse Cheri Bustos

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 “Cheri Bustos elevates the voices of our region. She takes her duty to serve her constituents seriously. Her fierce advocacy and service are why I am so thrilled to endorse her.”   

ROCK ISLAND – Today, fifteen elected officials from Stephenson and Winnebago Counties announced their endorsement of Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17) for re-election, citing Congresswoman Bustos’ proven track record of delivering for those counties, and her work to improve the lives of hardworking Illinois families.

“I am especially thankful to each of these leaders for their support because I know how hard we’ve worked together to deliver results for Stephenson and Winnebago Counties,” Congresswoman Bustos said. “From navigating the COVID-19 pandemic to building up our communities, I have been proud to partner with these leaders. I look forward to continuing to work with them to invest in our local infrastructure, strengthen our local economy and fight for equity for all Americans.”

Local leaders announcing their endorsement today include:

  • Casey Anthony, Stephenson County Board
  • Brenda Boynton, Stephenson County Board
  • Ronnie Bush, Stephenson County Board
  • Becky Hebert, Stephenson County Board
  • Charles Hilton, Stephenson County Board
  • Samuel Newton, Stephenson County Board
  • Angie Goral, Winnebago County Board
  • Tim Nabors, Winnebago County Board
  • Dorothy Redd, Winnebago County Board
  • Jaime Salgado, Winnebago County Board
  • Venita Hervey, Rockford Alderwoman
  • Linda McNeely, Rockford Alderwoman
  • Bill Rose, Rockford Alderman
  • Karen Hoffman, Rockford Alderwoman
  • Tuffy Quinonez, Rockford Alderman

“Cheri Bustos elevates the voices of our region,” said Stephenson County Board Member Casey Anthony. “She is someone who will never back down when it comes to making sure that our voices are heard in the rooms where decisions are being made. She takes her duty to serve her constituents seriously. Her fierce advocacy and service are why I am so thrilled to endorse her.”

“Our region of Illinois is lucky to have a leader like Cheri representing us in the halls of Congress,” said Winnebago County Board Member Tim Nabors. “She has worked hard to pass legislation to lower the costs of prescription drugs and understands the importance of having access to affordable, quality health care. With the election right around the corner, we must show Cheri our support at the ballot box.”

“Deciding to endorse Cheri was easy for me,” said Stephenson County Board Member Brenda Boynton. “Her track record shows that she is more than capable of representing this district. Cheri hears directly from her constituents, takes what she hears back to Washington, and gets real results for the folks back home. She is a strong and tireless fighter for the hardworking families in Illinois.”

“I want people to realize that the one thing I don’t see in Cheri Bustos is being self-serving,” said Winnebago County Board Member Angie Goral. “She is what a true politician should be. I see her as helping the people not just in her District but in all of Illinois and beyond. I really admire her.”

“Cheri knows what keeps people up at night,” said Winnebago County Board Member Jaime Salgado. “She knows that people in our district wonder how they will pay all of the bills at the end of the month because they don’t make a decent wage. That is why she fights to raise wages in our country for those who need it most. I couldn’t be prouder to endorse Cheri Bustos for re-election.”

“While there is still much work to do around how we manage policing in this country, I take comfort in the fact that Congresswoman Cheri Bustos is a co-sponsor of the Justice in Policing Act,” said 5th Ward Alderwoman Venita Hervey. “The Justice in Policing Act is the first step toward ensuring a safe, equitable, and functional system of justice for everyone. We need dedicated public servants like Cheri to keep pressing toward that goal.  I am endorsing Cheri because I know she will continue to fight for long-term solutions that will benefit our individual communities and our country as a whole.”

“It’s not very often you’ll see a member of Congress roaming around a supermarket talking casually to folks about what’s going on in their life and asking how to better represent them,” said Rockford’s 8th Ward Alderwoman Karen Hoffman. “But before this pandemic hit, Cheri Bustos was in those supermarkets on Saturdays listening and understanding the issues of her constituents. I’m voting for Cheri because she listens to those whom she serves. I encourage you to join me.”

“Congresswoman Bustos has proven to be an engaged U.S. Representative for the Rockford area, appearing here frequently,” said Rockford’s 13th Ward Alderwoman Linda McNeely. “Especially in a time like this, we must embrace our Democratic leaders at this time and bring order to the national government. We need Bustos with Biden and Harris in D.C.”

“Some people in Washington are trying to cut social security, but Cheri Bustos is on the frontlines working to protect it,” said Rockford’s 9th Ward Alderman Bill Rose. “The seniors in our community depend on that to live and we cannot let it be taken from them. Join me in voting for Cheri Bustos so she can continue the fight for our seniors.”


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