Elected Officials from Mercer and Rock Island Counties Endorse Cheri Bustos

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 “I wholeheartedly support the re-election of Cheri! Cheri Bustos has always been responsive to any constituent concerns I have referred to her office, from immigration issues, military benefits or funding opportunities that will enhance the quality of life for Rock Island.”   

ROCK ISLAND – Today, 28 officials from Mercer and Rock Island Counties announced their endorsement of Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17) for re-election, citing Congresswoman Bustos’ proven track record of delivering for those counties and her work to improve the lives of hardworking Illinois families. 

“I started my career, raised a family, and first ran for office right here in the Quad Cities. Rock Island and Mercer Counties are home for me,” Congresswoman Bustos said. “I am incredibly thankful for the support of these local leaders, many of whom have worked side-by-side with me to help grow our community for years. I look forward to continuing our partnerships to fight for hardworking families, navigate the pandemic, rebuild our economy, support strong infrastructure and increase broadband access.”

Local leaders announcing their endorsement today include:

  • Gary Gregg, Mercer County Board
  • David Adams, Rock Island County Board
  • Dorothy Beck, Rock Island County Board
  • Lauren Boswell-Loftin, Rock Island County Board
  • Richard Brunk, Rock Island County Board
  • Larry Burns, Rock Island County Board
  • Jeffrey Deppe, Rock Island County Board
  • Don Johnston, Rock Island County Board
  • Edwin Langdon, Rock Island County Board
  • Ken “Moose” Maranda, Rock Island County Board
  • Luis Moreno, Rock Island County Board
  • Patrick Moreno, Former Rock Island County Board
  • Angie Normoyle, Rock Island County Board
  • Scott Noyd, Rock Island County Board
  • Edna Sowards, Rock Island County Board
  • Kai Swanson, Rock Island County Board
  • Brian Vyncke, Rock Island County Board
  • Yao (Frederick) Kotoku, East Moline Alderman
  • Nancy Mulcahey, East Moline Alderwoman
  • J.R. Rico, East Moline Alderman
  • Janet Occhi, Keithsburg Alderwoman
  • Bruce Stickell, Milan Alderman 
  • Dick Potter, Moline Alderman
  • Ivory Clark, Rock Island Alderman
  • David Geenan, Rock Island Alderman
  • Dylan Parker, Rock Island Alderman
  • Jenni Swanson, Rock Island Alderwoman
  • Joshua Dyer, Silvis Alderman

“This pandemic has revealed many disparities, including rural access to broadband,” said Mercer County Board Member Gary Gregg. “As many things shift online, it is important for rural communities to have proper internet access. Cheri Bustos has been fighting non-stop to make that a reality not just for the immediate future, but for years to come. That is why I confidently endorse Cheri Bustos.”

“I support Cheri because she supports workers’ rights, through legislation such as the Davis Bacon Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act,” said Rock Island County Board Member David Adams.

“Cheri was born and raised in Illinois. She knows what it’s like to grow up here and then later raise a family here,” said Rock Island County Board Member Larry Burns. “I want someone who knows and understands Illinois, and particularly Rock Island County. That’s Cheri. Cheri is in touch with us here in Illinois and I know she will fight for us.”

“We are one of the most labor heavy districts in the country and that comes with a lot of responsibility,” said Rock Island County Board Member Jeffrey Deppe,  “but it is a responsibility that Cheri Bustos has not shied away from. She is constantly on the ground listening to labor leaders and working hard to make sure that they are supported and positioned for success. We need advocates like Cheri in Congress. I’m voting to send her back, and I hope you will too.”

“Not only does Cheri know how to get things accomplished for our community in Washington, she is an invaluable resource for her constituents,” said Rock Island County Board Member Angie Normoyle. “Cheri understands the people of the 17th District and works hard to keep in touch with our concerns through initiatives like Supermarket Saturdays and Cheri On Shift.”

“As a veteran myself, I really appreciate how Cheri is always working to make sure that vets are connected with the resources they need,” said Rock Island County Board Member Ken “Moose” Maranda. “Sometimes it is really difficult to work with the VA to get things taken care of, but Cheri is always using her voice and platform to help make that process just a little bit easier for us. She is a woman of great compassion and heart. For that, she has my vote.”

“I endorse Cheri Bustos for U. S. Congress, 17th Congressional District, because she cares for the working families and small businesses of Illinois,” said Rock Island County Board Member Edna Sowards. “Her goals are aimed at the middle class, and businesses that are struggling in our present-day economy. She wants to continue to develop our economy by creating good-paying jobs and strengthening the working families of Illinois.”

“Cheri is there for the people of Mercer County and all of her District,” said Keithsburg Alderwoman Janet Occhi. “You can always get a hold of her or her staff, and they will do what they can to solve your problem.” 

“In a time where there is so much polarization, we need a member of congress who can work through reasonable and common-sense solutions, without compromising their values,” said Moline 4th Ward Alderman Dick Potter. “Cheri Bustos has proven that she is a leader willing to work and get things done all while maintaining her integrity. Because of that, it is with great pleasure that I endorse Cheri Bustos for Congress.”

“I endorse Cheri Bustos because she represents ALL the people of the 17th District,” said Rock Island 4th Ward Alderwoman Jenni Swanson. “Cheri works to support families, children and workers to make sure that their voices are heard. And she does so with dignity and grace. Cheri is the type of representative that we need in Congress.”

“As our nation faces unprecedented challenges, we need Congressional representation that won’t enable our dangerous sitting president,” said Rock Island 5th Ward Alderman Dylan Parker. “Illinois’ 17th Congressional District doesn’t stand for bigotry nor fear-mongering–and neither does Bustos.”

“I wholeheartedly support the re-election of Cheri!” said Rock Island 7th Ward Alderman David Geenen. “She has always been responsive to any constituent concerns I have referred to her office, from immigration issues, military benefits or funding opportunities that will enhance the quality of life for Rock Island. She constantly goes to bat for Rock Island ensuring that we receive our fair share of resources and opportunities that enable the City to create a place where residents can thrive and contribute to the good of our community.” 

“We know Cheri here in the 17th district,” said Silvis 4th Ward Alderman Joshua Dyer. “She is part of our community and understands the concerns we face every day. This is evident when we see her traveling the district, hosting Supermarket Saturdays and listening to us. She is an excellent representative with a heart for people and we need to re-elect her to Congress.”

Now in her fourth term representing Illinois’ 17th Congressional District, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos is a leader in the fight to lower health care costs, rebuild our region’s infrastructure, help Illinoisans weather the COVID-19 pandemic and work to safely reopen, and deliver real results for hardworking families across Northwest and Central Illinois.


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